Protect Your Diesel Injectors!

What is FASS?

FASS stands for Fuel Air Separation System and is a combination diesel fuel lift pump and fuel filtration system that is designed to improve your diesel trucks fuel mileage, engine performance and extend the life of your diesel injection system. To insure we offer only the best performing fuel pump on the market FASS has chosen to manufacture our systems from American made components that are then assembled and tested in house by our highly trained and qualified staff.

At FASS our first priority is to guarantee that only the purest quality fuel is delivered to your diesel engine. We achieve this by removing dirt, water and air through our two step filtration process while switching the fuel delivery process from a suction delivery to a pressure delivery, thus eliminating the possibility of reintroducing air back into the fuel after it has already been removed. With filtration being such an important process, we choose to use fuel filters that have a rating as low as 3 Micron, which provides superior protection from debris in your diesel fuel.

FASS Fuel Systems Exclusive Features:

FASS offer a large selection of fuel pumps that are designed to fit different vehicle applications. Included in our FASS Titanium Series fuel pump for all applications are our exclusive FASS features. These features set us far above all the competition.

FASS Fuel System Benefits:

New Bolt On Bracket Installation

• Pre-Set To Desired Fuel Pressure

• Applications For Stock to Modified Diesel Engines

• Removes Water, Air and Debris From Diesel Fuel

• Improved Diesel Fuel Filtration Rating of 3 Micron

• Extends Injectors and Injection Pump Life

• Improved Cold Weather Starts

• Decreases Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide Emissions

• ½ Inch Fuel Lines and Ports

• Fuel Mileage Improvement

• Improved Fuel Volume Delivery

• Smoother Engine Idle

• Optional Electric Heater Ports

• Optional Fuel Pressure Gauge Port

• Limited Lifetime Warranty

• 30,000 Mile Filter Life Expectancy

• Quietest Motor On The Market

• Only a 1.6% Failure Rate

• 17,000+ hour motor life expectancy

How A FASS Titanium Series Protects Your Injectors

When the first FASS fuel pump was designed it wasn’t intended for high performance application diesel trucks, in fact it was created for drivers that use their truck daily in the harshest environments and needed to know they could rely on their fuel pump and filtration system to get them to their destination. This ideal is still used today when we manufacture every single Titanium Series diesel pump we ship out. Using only the best quality American made components in each kit, all pumps are engineered, manufactured and assembled in house by our trained technicians with the philosophy “That It’s Better To Over deliver, than underperform”.

Water Removal Benefits:

Water in your diesel fuel can have several negative effects on your injection system and engine performance. The most severe of these being the possibility of rust build up within your injection pump, injector lines, fuel rail and the injectors themselves. Rust will restrict the fuel being delivered during the injection process and eventually will flake off and begin passing through vital parts of your injection systems components.

Air Removal Benefits:

All diesel fuel has air, this is a result of your fuel splashing while driving. Air however has a very vital impact on your diesel truck and can have negative results on the efficiency and performance of your diesel engine.

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