FASS Titanium Series Cold Weather Benefits

Powerful Motor

All FASS Titanium Series diesel pumps use only the best American made motors available. Far more powerful than your factory lift pump, our Titanium pumps are capable of keeping a positive pressure on your injection system, eliminating the strain that can be caused during lower air temperatures. We are so confident in our motors that we are proud to back it with our limited lifetime warranty.

Optional Coolant Ports

During the coldest weather our FASS team wanted to provide a way to keep your diesel fuel from gelling while driving down the road. To accomplish this we choose to provide optional ports which you can plum your trucks coolant into the Titanium pumps fuel block, warming the fuel as it passes through our industry leading filtration method. Since all unused fuel is then returned to the fuel tank, your fuel will never over heat, which can cause the fuel to thin and decrease your engines performance.

Optional Electric Heater Ports

When you want to ensure that your diesel trucks fuel is at its optimal state at all times you can install our FASS Electrical Heaters. All FASS Titanium fuel pumps include two electrical heater ports to install our optional heater kits. Each kit will begin heating our aluminum fuel block once the key is in the “on” position and will automatically shut off once the pre-set temperature is achieved. The FASS electric heater is best used to help aid cold weather starts.

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